About us

The company was started in 1996 by Mikael Eriksson

Mikael Eriksson, owner Digital Solutions.

From the beginning the company worked in importing and distribution of computer peripherals.
In 2001 we launched our own newsletter online, now with a brand new focus.
The company started producing our own educational products that were sold online to individuals and companies.
Today we are very proud to be able to state that many of our customers that started buying our products/services 17 years ago still works with us.
Most of our customers comes from Sweden, but we also reach customers in Norway and Finland.

The company have since the start 2001 sold our own information products/services and also developed a close partnership with many well-known companies in the different areas we focus on.
Our own membership sites are under continues renewal and development.
We work frequently to provide our members with new and exciting information, but also new unique services/software within sports betting and financial trading.
A lot of our communication with our members are through newsletter sent by e-mail.

Digital Solutions Scandinavia AB have the highest creditworthiness you could get in Sweden according to credit rating company UC.

Some of current partners: