What we do

The company works today as a ”broker” of prospects and customers to companies involved in sports betting and financial trading.
We have been working professional in affiliate marketing since 2001.
Digital Solutions generate traffic to our partners through different membership sites that we have created in the areas that we are focusing on, sports betting and financial trading.

Our specialty is to produce and run our own membership sites. We create our own unique education material that all our members have access to.
For us it’s important to offer our members, who log-in to our different sites, an interesting content of the highest quality.
It’s information and education in form of different special reports (PDF) and video content.
As a member you always get access to updated and fresh information about the subjects you are interested in. For example, new sports betting tips daily.
The fact that our sites gets updated every day with new information makes the members coming back again and again.
During 2018 we have also expanded the content on our membership sites with different services for our members that are interested in trading forex, crypto and stocks.

Through all the years that we have been working with our websites we have also built our own email list. This makes it easy, fast and effective for us to also reach all our customers and members through email marketing.
Recently we have also started building up our own SMS-list to be able to reach our members even faster and secure.
If you are interested in finding a professional affiliate partner in the Scandinavian area that covers sports betting, financial trading and crypto currencies you are very welcome to contact us.


Our own brands and websites

Already in 2001 we started publishing our own newsletter about different business opportunities online.
This is a newsletter we still publish.
Today we reach 30 000 contacts through our emails.

In 2016 we started up DLC – Digital Lifestyle Club that covers 3 different membership sites.

DLC Sports

DLC Sports is our membership site for everyone intererested in sports betting/trading.

Another site that are now a part of DLC Sports is our odds site OddsBonusButler.se.


DLC Finans

DLC Finans is our membership site if you are interested in stocks, forex trading and other types of financial trading

Another site that are now a part of DLC Finans is TradingPlattform.se.


Services we run within DLC Finans are for example Cryptofy (crypto currency) and EDGE Trading Club (stocks).